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Viton material properties

Viton® is used for O-rings, seals and other rubber items.

Viton® (fluorelastomer)

Viton® is DuPont's high performance fluoroelastomer. Viton® parts are mostly used in advanced fuel or engine systems. Viton® parts have set the bar for performance quality in fuel and engine systems. This innovation of DuPont is the performance standard for today's advances fuel and engine systems.

Viton® material properties 

  • Viton® has an outstanding resistance to a broad range of fluids
  • Viton® is highly resistant to a broad variety of fluids
  • It has an outstanding resistance to compression set 

O-ring items from Viton® material properties

We offer a standard range of thousands of O-ring items which are made of NBR, Viton®, EPDM, and Silicone. As well as several special O-ring compounds for demanding and specific applications and a large range of  O-ring engineered solutions, such as encapsulated (Teflex®) and endlessly vulcanised O-rings.

Viton® material properties: heat resistance

Viton® seals are well known for their excellent heat resistance. ERIKS has been testing the heat resistance at 250°C for 70 hours and the test shows perfect results for Tensile Strength Change, Elongation Change and Hardness Change. We make sure your seals have an optimal life span.

Viton® material properties: chemical resistance

Viton® seals offer outstanding resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals. Viton also has a worldwide ISO 9000 registration. This make Viton® seals suitable for heavy use, without weakening, elongate or tearing up.

More about Viton® seal properties

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