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Peroxide cured silicone rubber

Looking for the right peroxide cured rubber products? ERIKS has a wide range of these products, please contact us for the possibilities.

Silicone rubber in general

Silicone rubber is a product that contains silicone, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Silicone rubbers are often mixed with other fillers to make a stronger product and to reduce costs. Silicone rubber is a very clean and odorless product that is often used in food and medical applications. ERIKS suggest that silicone rubber is used in a non-dynamic environment because of its relatively low tear strength and high friction coefficient. 

peroxide-cured-silicone-rubber The advantages of peroxide cured silicone rubber products?

Peroxide curing is the process that is required to toughen or harden rubber products by crosslinking different polymer chains. Silicone rubber is one of those polymer types. The process of peroxide curing of silicone rubber is also called vulcanization.

Peroxide cured silicone rubber

When cured, silicone rubber is extremely heat- and cold resistant, it can be used in environments from -50℃ to +230℃. 

Why is peroxide curing of silicone rubber necessary?

When a silicone rubber product is not cured, the form of the product often deforms when it gets heated and it is very fragile when it cools off. 

Other types of rubber curing, other than peroxide curing.

Peroxide curing is not the only method used for rubber curing. Other methods are:
  • Metallic oxides
  • Acetoxysilane 
  • Sulfur systems
  • Urethane crosslinkers

Want to learn more about our peroxide cured silicone rubber products?

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