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Elastomer NR

Natural rubber (NR) used to be the finest of all elastomers. It is a natural product made from the juices of a tropical plant (latex), but for industrial applications nowadays synthesized NR is used, chemically interlinked through heat treating with sulfur (vulcanization).

Optimum dynamic performance

Due to its dynamic properties, NR is the elastomer of choice for many engineering applications. NR still holds a significant market share of between 30 and 40% despite the proliferation of special and general purpose synthetics.

Use of elastomer NR

NR is highly elastic as well as resistant and resilient to tearing. These properties make NR an obvious choice for gaskets, seals and anti-vibration mounts. NR is often used inautomotive applications such as tires, due to its good tear, fatigue and cut resistance. The elastomer NR is also used in industrial products, such as hoses.


Properties of NR/Natural Rubber

  • high elasticity
  • good cold temperature characteristics (-70°c)
  • low hysteresis loss 
  • highly resistant to tear and abrasion
  • easy to process

Custom solutions for elastomer NR

If our natural rubber products are not a perfect fit for your application we can create a custom solution for you. In just a few days we can create a fitting model by using Rapid Prototyping (3D printing technology). We like your challenge! Contact us and let us know what challenges you are facing with your applications or leave us your question and contact details in our ‘ASK ERIKS’ form. 

Ask ERIKS about NR (natural rubber) products

For more information about our natural rubber (NR) product, please contact us by filling out the ‘ASK ERIKS’ form or by calling your nearest ERIKS location. You will find an overview of our locations and their contact details here.

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