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Polymer testing methods

What is a polymer?

Polymers are the most important ingredient in rubber compounds and are composed of two or more monomers.

Polymer testing methods in our lab 

ERIKS has a fully equipped laboratory for polymer testing methods. We ensure we only have the best chemists and engineers with extensive academic and practical know-how in the rubber industry.

polymer-testing-methods What does polymer testing methods include?

For example, we can measure:

  • tensile strength
  • chemical and heat ageing
  • hardness
  • compression set
  • ozone resistance
  • material composition
  • test run to ASTM, DIN and ISO standards
  • specific requirements
  • ….

Polymer testing methods for rubber compounds

ERIKS has decades of experience with rubber compounds. We are capable of designing, developing and testing rubber parts and compounds. We offer fast delivery, competitive prices and excellent support.

ERIKS activities and services next to polymer testing methods

ERIKS’ current product range includes sealing technology, flow technology, industrial plastics, power transmission and tool & maintenance products. Technical and logistical services are part of it. Our customers are from the whole rubber chain, from suppliers to recycling companies and everything in between.

More information about polymer testing methods

For more information about ERIKS and our polymer testing methods, contact your nearest ERIKS location. Or fill out the ‘Ask ERIKS’ form on the right.

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