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Silicone rubber extrusions

ERIKS is a silicone rubber extrusions specialist that delivers rubber extruded profiles from stock.

Silicone rubber extrusions for different industries and applications

ERIKS offers silicone rubber extrusions for more purposes than you could ever imagine:

  • Door and window seals
  • Fridges
  • Containers
  • Seals and damping elements for vehicles
  • Ships
  • Aircrafts
  • Building constructions

Experienced in silicone rubber extrusions

Our many years of experience and our engineering skills result in delivering a complete package of rubber products, including silicone rubber extrusions. The extrusion process of rubber and elastomeric compounds is accomplished by forcing the material through an extrusion die. We develop extrusions for many markets, for example oil & gas, food & beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and potable water. 

Prototypes for silicone rubber extrusions

Do you have special requirements for custom made silicone rubber extrusions? ERIKS designs, develops and makes prototypes for your application. This rubber prototype can easily be tested in practice, before producing a large serie. We save time by making the prototypes with a 3D printer. In that way we can deliver prototypes within only a few days!

More about rubber silicone rubber extrusions

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