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Conductive rubber tubing

Looking for a partner with experience in manufacturing conductive rubber tubing products? Contact ERIKS!

What are conductive rubber tubing products?

Our conductive rubber products, such as o-rings, are produced for being
electrical conductive or heat transmitting. These conductive rubber tubing products are often applied to rubber products used to conduct static electricity.

Other characteristics of silicone rubber tubing products

By custom blending our raw materials we can make sure that our products will always be the solution to your problem. Our silicone rubber products can not only be compounded to be conductive, we can also make sure they are electrically resistant or flame retardant. Silicone rubber is resistant to:

  • Ozone
  • Hot air
  • Animal and vegetable fat and oils
  • UV-radiation
  • Engine and transmission oils
  • Brake fluids

Silicone rubber tubing products are best suited to non-dynamic applications, as this type of product possesses low tear strength and abrasion resistance. This does not go for every silicone rubber product; higher strength grades are available.

Product testing at ERIKS

After we developed the prototype of your own product, we put it to the test to make sure it fits your needs and our demands. Alongside our standard test procedures we offer extra testing for your products, such as:

Where is ERIKS active?

ERIKS is active in multiple countries all over the world. Most of our companies are located in different parts of North America and Europe. Other countries in which we have partners are the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Qatar and more. With over 8000 employees, 200,000 industrial customers, a product range of more than 680,000 articles and more than five million shipments every year, we do not have any doubt about whether or not we can find a solution for your problem.


If you’re having questions about conductive rubber tubing products, please feel free to contact one of our locations!

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