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Custom rubber seal

Custom rubber seal

We produce custom rubber seals for many industries, as well as prototypes for specific projects. We can deliver large and/or small volumes. 

Creating a prototype and a custom rubber seal

Before we start the rubber seal process, the rubber product is designed by one of our experienced engineers. By using 3D printing, a prototype is created. In just a few days we can provide you with a perfect fitting model of the rubber seal solution you need. This model can be used to fit into the application. Once the model is approved our mould maker creates a mould for your custom rubber seal.

Rubber seals prototypes

When required, a specific size of a custom rubber seal can be made and tested in practice. We start with producing a “fit & feel” sample, which is finished within hours by 3D-printing. Production can start on a very short notice. We develop any material required, in our own laboratories.

Custom made rubber seal sizes

ERIKS is the developer and designer for innovative solutions for rubber seals. We deliver fast with the best prices and support, thanks to the collaboration with our worldwide partners. 


  • Fast delivery
  • Engineering support
  • Competitive prices 
  • Custom solutions
  • Interactive online tooling

Questions about custom rubber seal?

For more information about our automotive rubber mouldings, or customized solutions, please contact us by filling out or "ASK ERIKS" form or by calling the ERIKS office near you

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