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ERIKS is a leading company in the field of rubber technology for practically all industries. With the acquisition of Freudenberg Simrit bv., ERIKS has enforced its worldwide leadership position in the sealing industry.

About Simrit

Simrit was a brand of Freudenberg a large and worldwide operating seals manufacturer. It was recently decided to change the brand into Freudenberg Sealing Technology.

ERIKS owns Freudenberg Simrit bv Naarden

In May 2004 the ERIKS group aquired Freudenberg Simrit bv. This strategic cooperation has increased the know-how of the sealing industry and enforced ERIKS’ position as a worldwide leader and manufacturer of seals.

Industries and applications of Simrit products

Simrit products are used in the following applications:
  • Industrial equipment
  • Turbine systems
  • Escalators
  • Aviation applications
  • Drilling platforms
  • Construction machinery
  • Medical technology

Simrit product range

Simrit products a known for their high quality standards, functional performance and efficiency. The product range of Simrit is very broad.
ERIKS has the following Simrit products ready in stock:

  • Hydraulic seals
  • Oil seals
  • Rubber bellows
  • O-rings

Customized Simrit solutions

Our specialists work in close collaboration with the product specialists of Freudenberg Sealing Technology. When it comes to special or extreme applications, we offer a customized solution.

More information about Simrit

For inquiries or more information about Simrit products, please fill out our contact form on the right or find the contact details of the ERIKS operating company closest to you.

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