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O-ring calculator

O-ring calculator

Save time calculating and designing O-Ring grooves and verify the O-Ring sealing performance by checking parameters like O-Ring compression, free groove volume, O-Ring inner diameter stretch and much more.

The ERIKS O-Ring design calculator features the calculation of:

  • O-Ring dimensions for the use in a specific groove
  • groove dimensions for the use of a specific O-Ring
  • evaluation of both, any combination of O-Ring and groove
for axial seals with inner or outer pressure, piston seals and rod seal applications.
Worldwide unique online calculation tool taking into consideration of the thermal expansion of the construction parts and the O-Ring. As well as the chemical volume swell or shrinkage of the O-Ring.

Choose between more than 30 construction part materials and 11 O-Ring compounds!

The o-ring calculator is:

  • Easy to use
  • PDF output
  • Saving of your designs
  • Easy search for ERIKS standard O-Rings

Protyping of rubber o-rings

Where necessary, a rubber prototype can be made as ‘fit and feel’ sample. Production of very small to very large series of rubber mouldings as O-rings is possible. Requirements  for specific market segments are no obstacle for ERIKS.

Innovative solutions for custom parts in rubber

ERIKS designs and develops innovative solutions in custom moulded rubber.  With our worldwide partners we offer fast delivery, competitive prices and engineering support. Our in-house CAD/CAM and FEA analysis and quality systems guarantee the best solution.

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