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Pneumatic seals

Are you searching for a supplier of rubber seals? ERIKS is your supplier for all sorts of seals, among them are pneumatic seals, in all shapes and sizes.

What are pneumatic systems?

Although we don’t always realise it, pneumatic systems are all around us. Of course, pneumatic seals are vital in those systems. A few examples of your everyday systems:
  • Fitness equipment: a pneumatic cylinder can be fitted in to create air pressure. 
  • Barostat systems: these systems are designed to constantly maintain air pressure and are used in several industries, among them the medical equipment.
  • Brake systems on busses and trucks: the sound that big trucks and busses make when they come to a full stop is the sound of air releasing out of their braking systems. 

Which pneumatic seals does ERIKS supply?

ERIKS produces its seals under their own private label: RX. These seals are fitted with the ISO 9001:2000 certification, just as the rest of our products. Production takes place in very close cooperation with our customers, to make sure their requirements and demands are met. That’s why ERIKS is always willing to make customize products according to your specifications.

Which pneumatic seal does my company need?

If your company is not sure which pneumatic seal fits your needs, please call in the help of our team of experts. They can find a solution for your problem, often with the help of our 3D-printing technology.

Questions for ERIKS? 

When you’re having doubts or questions about pneumatic seals, please feel free to contact one of our locations or fill in the Ask ERIKS form on the right side of this page.
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