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Elastomer SBR

What is SBR?

Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) is an elastomeric copolymer that consists of styrene and butadiene. SBR contains approximately 75 percent butadiene and 25 percent styrene. 

Advantages of using SBR

The elastomer type SBR has high abrasion resistance and good aging stability properties when protected by additives. In comparison to other materials elastomer SBR offers better durability, reduced shrinkage and increased flexibility, as well as resistance to emulsification in damp conditions. 

elastomer-sbr SBR is resistant to:

  • aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • aromatic hydrocarbons
  • chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • fats
  • mineral oils

Other elastomer SBR characteristics:

  • SBR has a glass transition temperature of approximately -55°C
  • Temperature range of -50°C to +110°C (-65°F to +225°F). 
  • SBR is the economical choice compared to natural rubber
  • SBR has an elongation percentage of 450 - 500

When not to use elastomer SBR:

We advise against using elastomer SBR in electrical applications or applications that are exposed to oil, ozone and extreme weather circumstances. Are you looking for an elastomer that does suit these criteria? Please contact us and we'll help you select the right elastomer for your application.

SBR vs. natural rubber

SBR is a substitute for natural rubber, when looking for an economical solution. SBR elastomers degrade over time when exposed to oxygen and ozone and swells when exposed to hydrocarbon oils. But unlike natural rubber, the elastomer SBR tends to harder with age instead of softening. 

Evaluating and advising on SBR

Our rubber experts are available to assist you in determining if SBR is the right solution for your application. After a thorough evaluation of the specifications for your component we can recommend the most effective and efficient solution. Contact us for more information about the elastomer SBR.

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