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Silicone extrusion

ERIKS is a worldwide leading industrial service provider offering a wide range of high-quality mechanical engineering components, such as silicone O rings which are made through a silicone extrusion process. In total ERIKS offers more than 50.000 O ring items. 

What is a silicone extrusion process? 

In the process of silicone extrusion the silicone is forced through a shaped objects so it will get the demanded size and it can be used as a O ring. 

Why is silicone extrusion used? 

The reason why silicon extrusion is used is mainly because they have a variety of benefits above other product. These benefits are: 
  • They last for a long time
  • Silicone extrusions come in a different colours
  • They stand up to a wider variety of environmental conditions. 
The process of silicone extrusions is very sensitive to shrinking. This can result in a product which is unreliable and therefore does not meet the specifications required. To reduce these risks and wastes of materials ERIKS uses testing laboratories to make sure they can provided the best quality. 

ERIKS: Leader in the industry of silicone extrusion

Over the years ERIKS has established a worldwide reputation within the process of silicone extrusion. Our knowledge of rubber has helped us to become one of the top suppliers. 

Quick delivery with silicone extrusion

The process of silicon extrusion is done in-house, so we can assure that your rubber products are delivered to you within two weeks.

Questions about rubber mouldings? 

For more information about silicon extrusion, please fill out our "ASK ERIKS" form on the right. We will help you with all your questions  



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