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Polymer testing laboratories

Polymer Testing Laboratories are important because they can answer questions about the properties of different materials. T testing and analysis in polymer testing laboratories can provide insight into the usability performance of the products.

polymer-testing-laboratories.jpg Polymer testing laboratories provide information about:

  • hardness of the material 
  • tensile strength 
  • yield strength
  • flexibility
  • chemical bonds
  • molecular structure 
  • composition, and so on

The main reason for using polymer testing laboratories is to ensure you have all the reliable, necessary information.
This information can help you to avoid manufacturing problems or material failures and therefore helps to avoid extra costs to solve the problems due to these failures. 

The polymer testing laboratories have broad experience in all different materials and issues. We can help with routine and non-routine projects. These polymer testing laboratories are located around the world, with easy transport for the samples. 

What products are tested in polymer testing laboratories 

We test a variety of products and materials in our polymer testing laboratories so we can give our clients the best insight about the properties of our products, including: 

  • plastics
  • elastomers
  • monomers 
  • polymer additives
  • other plastic and polymer materials
  • other ingredients for plastic and rubber materials 

In our polymer testing laboratories we work for clients all over the world. Therefore we have a global expertise in polymeric analysis. Out testing lab serves different industries like: 

Industries who make use of polymer testing laboratories 

  • industrial manufacturing
  • consumer products
  • aerospace & defense
  • medical device & products
  • pharmaceutical analysis
  • material suppliers
  • litigation support

Questions for the polymer testing laboratories? 

Contact us if you need our polymer testing laboratories to test your material at short notice. Please fill out our ‘ASK ERIKS’ form on the right. ERIKS will help you with all your questions.

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