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Vibration mounts rubber

Vibration mounts rubber lower the level of vibrations and sounds that are passed on to the environment. It is necessary to protect units and installations from industrial environments against external vibrations, 

Benefits of vibration mounts

It is important to use vibration mounts because they will lower the maintenance costs and increase the lifetime of an installation. They also reduce downtime. Noise reduction as a result of using vibration mounts will improve the working environment. That means better concentration and less injuries and mistakes for your employees. 

Machinery in which vibration mounts are used

Vibration mounts are commonly used in many installations. For example: compressors, pumps, generator sets, centrifuges, instrument panels, control cabins or internal combustion engines. These are all installations where the amount of vibration and sound is very high.

Vibration mounts rubber manufacturers

Offcourse, ERIKS wants to deliver the best quality of vibration mounts for your company. That is why we offers a wide range of standard and customized vibration mounts from leading brands, such as: 

  • Trelleborg
  • Simrit
  • Hutchinson

Testing vibration mounts

ERIKS offers both standard as custom designed vibration mounts. For the latter we offer you a whole range of engineering and lab services. In our lab we perform for instance high technical tests from “fatigue to failure” to DMTA measurements. 

More about our vibration mounts rubber

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