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Laboratory rubber bellows

Laboratory uses rubber bellows

Rubber bellows are designed to absorb vibration and expansion in pipes. Expansion takes place under the influence of pressure or temperature changes. Bellows are also called compensators. In the industry, they are used for many applications.

Properties of laboratory rubber bellows

Our laboratory-tested rubber bellows are resistant to high temperatures and high pressure thanks to the great flexibility of the joints. This will avoid damage to the pipes. For applications for special pipes such as oil, solvents or cooling water transport, there are special rubber bellows.

Sizes of laboratory rubber bellows

Whether for pipes of small diameter rings or very large ones, ERIKS has different sizes and variants suitable laboratory rubber bellow, bellows expansion joints or sillicone bellows.

Cost-effective rubber bellows

For each application we have the right laboratory rubber bellow for the best value for money.

Tailor-made laboratory rubber bellows

We do not only sell high quality rubber brands, we also develop our own tailor-made rubber products. At our in-house material development laboratory we develop tailor-made rubber products. Together with our engineers you can co-create your own designs.

Testing laboratory rubber bellows

We have advanced equipment to test polymer properties according to ASTM, DIN or ISO standards. We make sure our employees have a lot of experience in, and knowledge about, the rubber bellows testing industry.

More about laboratory rubber bellows

For more information about our lab rubber bellows, please fill out our "ASK ERIKS" form on the right or contact our office. Go to the overview of our offices to locate the ERIKS office near you.

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