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Rubber density

ERIKS had been the leading company in the field of rubber parts and O-rings. In their testing laboratorium they measure rubber density to guarantee the highest quality and to meet the specific requirements for rubber density.  

Where does rubber density depends on?

Rubber density dependent upon the kind of rubber which is used for a product. Soft rubber for example has a density of 69 lb/foot cubed, while hard rubber has a density of 74 lb/foot cubed. Very soft rubber can have a rubber density of 57-58 lb/foot cubed, so there's quite some difference within the kind of rubber parts and O-rings. 

ERIKS advises you about rubber density

Which rubber density is suitable for your products depends on the circumstance it is used in. ERIKS has experience in different industries and can therefore advise you when you have any questions about the rubber density used in a certain situation. Industries where they uses rubber parts and O-rings form ERIKS are: 

  • rubber-density.jpg Industrial Manufacturing
  • Consumer Products
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Medical Device & Products
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Material Suppliers
  • Litigation Support

Do you have any questions about rubber density?

For more information about rubber density or questions about our products, , please contact us by filling out the "ASK ERIKS" form or call the ERIKS office near to you.

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