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Rubber vibration mounts

For each application the right rubber vibration mounts

Rubber vibration mounts ensure that the machines in your plant do not cause vibration energy issues to the adjacent structure. The type of rubber vibration mounts to be selected entirely depends on the type of machine, the nature of the vibration and the structure of the foundation. The rubber vibration mounts are available for both light, medium and heavy duty applications. Cylindrical vibration mounts are suitable for light to medium loads. For heavier loads, there can be made use of machine feet or base-plates. This kind of vibration mounts are designed to prevent machines from shifting.

Manufacturers of rubber vibration mounts

ERIKS offers a wide range of standard and customized vibration mounts from leading brands, such as: 

  • Trelleborg: world leader in advanced polymer sealing solutions for critical applications in demanding environments
  • Simrit: producer of dynamic seals
  • Hutchinson: sealing producer whose business lines are: vibration isolation, acoustic and thermal; sealing; transfer fluids and the transmission and mobility

Tailored rubber vibration mounts

In addition to standard products, it is also possible to order tailor-made solutions. This has the advantage that the product is completely in line with the machine which it is intended for, and thus it provides optimum protection against vibration.

Effects without rubber vibration dampers

Many machines in the manufacturing industry contain moving parts for transmissions and drive. Depending on the type of machine this causes an increase of the vibration and noise level in a greater or lesser extent. This can have several negative effects:

  • damage to critical machine parts
  • hearing damage to the wait staff
  • disruptions in production due to unplanned downtime
  • it is also important that the vibration dampers are mounted in the right way and the right combination of mount and foundation is present. ERIKS will gladly recommend it to select the right vibration mounts.

More about rubber vibration mounts

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