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Oil & Gas Industry


Oil and Gas applications present the most extreme conditions in which seals are expected to operate. Mechanical, thermo-chemical and fluid phase conditions must be accommodated to maintain the integrity of the seal in these, often safety critical, uses.

Boasting cutting edge technology centre’s in the UK, USA and the Netherlands, ERIKS Sealing Technology operates at the forefront of material science, developing new and tightly controlled, qualified compounds. Experienced application engineers draw upon in-depth technical knowledge to ensure that the optimal seal is impartially specified for your application; whether this is a standard product or as a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

ERIKS design teams work closely with our material scientists to produce accurate materials data upon which our non-linear finite element analyses are based, to minimise design iterations in successfully satisfying your application.
We use the latest 3D CAD to capture design intent, which is verified using our contact and non-contact CMM equipment. Full traceability of product and batch data per NORSOK M710 requirements is available.


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