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Viton rubber gasket

ERIKS: for the best Viton rubber gasket

ERIKS is a licensed distributor for Genuine Viton® for over two decades. Genuine Viton® has the best specifications for quality and safety. This means that it is protected against the extreme conditions today's industries are dealing with. It's important to trust on the materials that you are working with.

Viton® rubber gaskets material properties 

  • Viton® has an outstanding resistance to a broad range of fluids
  • It has an outstanding resistance to compression set 
  • Viton® rubber gaskets are well known for their excellent heat resistance
  • Genuine Viton® is made from 100% pure fluoroelastomers.
  • Viton seal material can be used for hundreds of applications and in different markets

Why choose Viton® rubber gasket by ERIKS

The rubber gaskets of ERIKS are the answer to every application which functionate under extreme circumstances. Our decades of experience and market know-how allows us to develop custom solutions. 

Prototyping rubber gaskets

We can design every rubber product you want. Our experienced engineers make it happen. We can create prototypes of the rubber gasket you need in just a couple of days, by using 3D printing. By delivering you a perfect fitting model you can easily test if it fits into your application.

More about Viton rubber gasket

For more specifications about our Viton rubber gasket, please fill out our ‘ASK ERIKS’ form. If you want to buy Viton rubber gaskets, contact us. You can find your nearest ERIKS office on our website.

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