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Rubber vibration damper

ERIKS is known across the world as a leading supplier of commercial (types: A,B,C,D and E) and industrial technical vibration dampers.

Controlling vibrations to prevent failure of machinery

In situations in which there is a lot of friction and many moving parts, there is a need to control vibrations. The moving parts of a machines break down more easily when vibrations affect the parts. This can create noise and cause the machine to fail.

rubber-vibration-damper Use of rubber vibration dampers

Rubber vibration dampers absorb the energy and isolate the vibration by releasing the energy in a different form. Due to these damping qualities, rubber vibration dampers are often used to dissipate vibrations generated in electronic equipment and machines. 

Ask us about rubber vibration dampers

The effectiveness of the rubber vibration damper however depends on the load and the vibration frequency . Therefore we suggest you ask for our professional opinion when purchasing rubber vibration dampers. We can help you find the right solution for your application.

Anti-vibration damper selector

You can also use our anti vibration damper selector to determine which rubber vibration damper suits your application best. You fill in the weight of the machine in which the vibration damper will be used, the vibration frequency (including the rotations per minute) and the number of mountings and the desired isolation percentage.

Let us help you find the right vibration damper for your application

Once you've filled out the numbers you will find the right vibration damper for your application. Does the anti vibration damper selector not show any results? Please ask us for assistance. We'll help you find the vibration damper you're looking for.

The (rubber) vibration damper selector is highly suitable for:

  • selecting vibration dampers for rotating machinery or equipment
  • selecting vibration dampers for use in presses and punches
  • selecting vibration dampers for general workshop machinery.

More about our rubber vibration damper

For more information about our rubber vibration damper, please fill out our ’ASK ERIKS’ form on the right.


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