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Fluorosilicone / FVMQ rubber quality

Fluorosilicone rubber (or fluorsilicone) is the common name for fluorovinylmethyl silicone rubber. Fluorosilicone elastomers combine the good high- and low-temperature properties of silicone with limited fuel and oil resistance. They provide a much wider operational temperature range than fluorocarbon rubbers. High tear strength fluorosilicones with are also available. Some of these compounds exhibit improved resistance to compression set.

Fluorosilicone rubber is used in applications where dry-heat resistance is required

Primary uses of fluorosilicone O-rings are in fuel systems at temperatures up to +177°C (+350°F) and in applications where the dry-heat resistance of silicone O-rings are required.

Fluorosilicone O-rings may also be exposed to petroleum-based oils and/or hydrocarbon fuels. In some fuels and oils, however, the high-temperature limit in the fluid list is more conservative because fluid temperatures approaching 200°C (390°F) may degrade the fluid, producing acids which attack fluorosilicone O-rings.

For low-temperature applications, fluorosilicone O-rings seal at temperatures as low as -73°C
(-100°F). Due to relatively low tear strength, high friction and limited abrasion resistance of these materials, they are generally recommended for static applications only.

Innovative solutions for custom parts in rubber

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