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Rubber extrusion profiles

Our decades of experience with rubber extrusion profiles makes ERIKS capable of designing and developing specific rubber parts, often in close cooperation with the customer.  Rubber extrusion profiles that help you solve any sealing problem in the world. The possibilities are endless.

Extensive stock of rubber profiles

ERIKS is carrying the most extensive stock of rubber extruded profiles in Europe for all kind of industries.  seals for windows and doors, seals and damping elements for vehicles, appliances, fridges, containers, ships, aircraft, building construction and civil engineering, vehicle body construction etc. Our expertise, engineering skills and many years of experience cover all of these areas.

Prototyping of rubber extrusion profiles

Where necessary, a rubber prototype can be made so that the product can be tested in practice. Production of very small to very large series of rubber extrusion profiles is and requirements  for specific market segments with special engineered materials are no obstacle for ERIKS.

Extruding process of rubber & producing rubber profile frames

The extrusion process of rubber and elastomeric compounds is accomplished by forcing the material through an extrusion die. The bottle neck is the control of dimensions.  Therefore the dimension tolerances as mentioned in ISO 3302 are considered much wider than for moulded rubber products.  The extrusion procedure needs materials with special features like good flow characteristics. For this ERIKS has rubber R&D centres to engineer any required rubber material. Our engineers participate with you to develop innovative solutions for the production of your rubber extrusion or rubber profile. On several locations ERIKS produces frames or rings with special techniques to ensure strong bonding.

Innovative solutions for custom parts in rubber profiles

ERIKS designs and develops innovative solutions in custom moulded rubber profiles.  With our worldwide partners we offer fast delivery, competitive prices and engineering support. Our in-house CAD/CAM and FEA analysis and quality systems guarantee an individual approach.

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