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Custom inflatable seals

Are you dealing with parts that can move relative to each other or linked? Then the inflatable seals are the safest and most effective way of sealing. The inflatable seals are used in various industrial sectors. Applications where an inflatable seal occurs most often include storage containers, doors and hatch seals.

CEFIL'AIR® custom inflatable seals

As a result of its patented design, modern manufacturing techniques, and the most advanced elastomers, CEFIL'AIR® seals can be used in a multitude of sealing, handling and holding applications. CEFIL'AIR® seals withstand temperatures from -148°F (-100°C) to +482°F (+250°C) and pressures from 7 to 150 psi (0.5 to 14.4 bar) in a variety of liquid or gaseous media.

Prototyping of rubber products

A rubber single inflatable seal can be created in order to test the seal in practice. It is possible to produce very small to large series of rubber custom inflatable seals. Requirements for specific market segments are no obstacle for ERIKS. With our fast range of available materials we can accommodate to any circumstance. 

Custom parts in rubber inflatable seals 

ERIKS designs and develops innovative solutions, such as custom inflatable seals. With our worldwide partners we offer fast delivery, competitive prices and engineering support. Our in-house CAD/CAM and FEA analysis and quality systems guarantee an individual approach.

Safe custom inflatable seals

Today's environmental concerns demand qualitative seals. ERIKS provide that assurance, and performs with proven reliability. Whether your industry is chemical processing or other processing, ERIKS' inflatable seals are the logical choice.

More about custom inflatable seals

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