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Rubber electrical conductivity

At ERIKS, our team of specialists are experienced in rubber electrical conductivity testing. All your rubber products can be tested at the ERIKS testing center.

Rubber electrical conductivity testing in general

Just like any other product at ERIKS, electrically conductible products are available in many forms, shapes, sizes and weights. To make sure all our products fit in the same (high) quality range, all our products are tested for electrical conductivity in one of our laboratoriums. Many rubber products get their electrical conductivity because of the addition of carbon and other conductive materials.

rubber-electrical-conductivity Benefits of electrical conductivity tested products

The rubber products at ERIKS that are tested for electrical conductivity are also tested for ozone-, oxidation- and
weather resistance. This testing makes sure
our required quality always matches
the quality of the products we deliver. 

Rubber electrical conductivity tested products at ERIKS

Rubber electrical conductivity tested products come in multiple different forms and types, which means our ways of testing these products also differ. Not only are our rubber products tested for electrical conductivity, they are also tested on the following characteristics:
  • Heat/cold resistance
  • Thermal conductivity resistance   
  • Hardness
  • Rubber density
  • Minimal water absorption

Other characteristics and advantages of our rubber products

Other benefits of our products are:
  • Our products possess valuable non-sticking properties.
  • Our products are excellent for vibration, damping and cushioning components.
  • Our products are generally resistant to moderate or oxidizing chemicals.

Learn more about rubber electrical conductivity testing!

Do you want to know more about our ways and methods of testing electrical conductivity in our (rubber) products? Please contact one of our locations! 
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