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Creative rubber solutions

Are you looking for a partner in designing and manufacturing rubber and plastic products that fit your specific needs? Please contact ERIKS.

Creative rubber solutions for every application

At ERIKS, we welcome your challenge. With a team of material, engineering and market specialists, we can manufacture individual solutions for any customer. Some of the creative rubber solutions Rubber Technology provides:

The best supplier of creative rubber solutions

We believe ERIKS is the best supplier of creative rubber solutions and we have good reasons for this. ERIKS Group nv is a company that consists of several technical distribution companies, each with its own specialty. For example: Rubber Technology is specialized in rubber products, our Industrial Hoses supplier is specialized in hose technology. This way we can make sure we meet very specific demands, but we can also be your all round supplier. 

How do most manufacturing processes at Rubber Technology work?

For almost any type of product, Rubber Technology can manufacture custom made products. We make sure the process runs smoothly by designing 3D-printed prototypes. In the testing phase we perform validation testing to make sure our own and our customer's expectations are met. After the prototype is approved, we can start manufacturing, in any volume you might need.

Creative rubber solutions for demanding markets

Throughout the years, ERIKS gained experience in several markets. ERIKS operates in an environment of continuous improvement. We do this by obtaining extensive investment from facilities which promote continuous efficiency improvements. Some of the markets we currently satisfy:


Do you have questions about any of our creative rubber solutions or are you curious about the endless possibilities in rubber manufacturing? Please fill in the Ask ERIKS form on the right side of this page or contact one of our locations.

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