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Cellular Polyethylene

Enlarged cellular structure of PE foam

50 times
50 times
500 times
500 time

Cellular and porous materials for sealing - absorbing - isolating

For many years now we have engaged ourselves with the production and further development of our products made of cellular polyethylene ( Plastazote® , Evazote® , Supazote® , Propozote® ) We supply all industries with articles from this main product line. Cellular polyethylene has become one of the most versatile and modern cellular materials.

Padding inserts for the packaging
Padding inserts for the packaging of pieces parts or sensitive devices
sealing tapes for construction and industry
Sealing tapes for construction and industy, e.g. self-sticking on one side

Our enormous range of types contains interlace PE foams in various specific weights, many colours various cellular structures and plasticities.

  • Plastazote®
    Plastazote® is a closed-cell, interlaced polyethylene foam. Besides the standard qualities with specific weights of 15 kg/cbm- 115 kg/cbm as well as a variety of different colours, this product line is enhanced by low-inflammable (FR), eletrically conductive (CN) , static dissipative (SD) (antistatic) and especially suitable for deforming (MP) qualities.
  • Evazote®
    Evazote® is a closed-cellular, interlaced EVA mixed-polymerized foam, supplied in specific weights of 25 kg/cbm - 120 kg/cbm. Here too, a large palette of colours is available as well as electrically conductive (CN) qualities. One of the more important features is the very good return property (return forming pressure).
  • Supazote®
    Supazote® is a closed-cell, interlaced mixed-polymerized foam, supplied in two specific weights - 26 kg/cbm und 45 kg/cbm - as well as in the colours black and white. This foam is distinguished by its super-soft characteristics.
  • Propozote®
    Propozote® is a closed-cell foam based on polypropylene. Available in the specific weight of 30 kg/cbm as well as the colours black and white. Besides the very good temperature resistivity as well as chemical resistivity, this material features very low strain crack formation and tenacious elastic characteristics.
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