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Automotive rubber mouldings

Over the years ERIKS has grown into a leader in automotive rubber mouldings. 

Designing automotive rubber mouldings

We know the automotive industry and its specific demands very well. Depending on the application (engine cooling and fuel systems, heating systems, etc.) our engineers can design the right rubber moulding compound for you. 

automotive-rubber-mouldings Custom rubber mouldings for automotive applications

We produce custom rubber mouldings for the automotive industry as well as prototypes for specific projects, in large and/or small volumes. 

Developing innovative solutions 

The parts volume and type of rubber compounds required will determine the manufacturing method used. Our engineers collaborate with you in developing innovative solutions for the production of your rubber moulded parts.

A selection of our automotive rubber mouldings

We provide a wide range of custom rubber moulding parts for the automotive industry, such as: 

  • rubber moulded seals
  • rubber moulded bellows
  • FFKM perfluoro elastomer mouldings
  • rubber extrusions

Rapid prototyping: fast delivery of automotive rubber mouldings

If you want a quick prototype for automotive parts, ask ERIKS. By using rapid prototyping (3D printing technology) we can supply any automotive rubber model within a day if required. 

Need help selecting the right automotive rubber mouldings?

Let us know if we can help you find the rubber mouldings that suit your applications. We know the advantages and limitations of each of our products. 

Questions about rubber mouldings for automotive applications?

For more information about our automotive rubber mouldings, or customized solutions, please contact us by filling out or ‘ASK ERIKS’ form or by calling your nearest ERIKS location.

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