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Molded rubber bellows

Molded rubber bellows are made for the absorption of vibration and expansion in pipes. 

How molded rubber bellows work

Under the influence of pressure and temperature, expansion takes place. To prevent damaging rubber bellows are applied. Molded rubber bellows bellows are used in many applications in the industry, like cylinders and other vulnerable machine parts. 

Properties of molded rubber bellows

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Resistant to high pressure
  • Great flexibility
  • Available in different materials and shapes
  • Special applications for oil, solvents or cooling water transport

Molded rubber bellows suppliers: partnership ERIKS and Simrit 

ERIKS offers a wide range of rubber bellows of high quality brands such as Simrit. ERIKS and Simrit are longtime technical partners. As one of the main rubber bellows suppliers. The two rubber bellows suppliers decided to join in a strategic partnership, designed to deliver cost savings to their customers. Since the two companies joined forces, ERIKS is the first rubber bellows supplier for complete Simrit V6 bellows line.

Custom made laboratory rubber bellows

We do not only sell high quality rubber brands, we also develop our own custom made rubber products. At our in-house material development laboratory we develop custom made rubber products. Together with our engineers you can co-create your own designs.

More about molded rubber bellows

For more information about our molded rubber bellows, please fill out our "ASK ERIKS" form on the right or contact our office. Go to the overview of our offices to locate the ERIKS office near you.

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