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Rubber extrusion

At ERIKS we offer more than 6000 moulds for all kinds of rubber extrusions, made of industrial or higher grades of rubber. We have a wide selection of rubber extrusions available in stock. In addition we also create custom made rubber extrusions. This combination gives us the possibility to solve any sealing problem in the world. 

Rubber extrusion process

The rubber extrusion process is accomplished by forcing a rubber compound or mixed elastomer under pressure through an extrusion die that has the shape of the end product. Then the heat and pressure are applied which will expand the end product's size. 

Materials used for rubber extrusion

The material needs to have good flow characteristics. Therefore we often use materials such as silicone, high-grade FKM, SBR, NR and Aflas® for rubber extrusion. However we can engineer any required rubber material at our R&D centers. 

rubber-extrusion We provide rubber extrusion seals for:

  • Aircrafts
  • Building construction and civil engineering
  • Containers
  • Damping elements (vehicles)
  • Doors
  • Fridges
  • Ships
  • Vehicle body construction
  • Windows

Custom made rubber extrusion or rubber profiles

In close cooperation with the customer we create rubber extrusion profiles that match the exact specifications needed. Our engineers participate with you to develop innovative solutions for the production of your rubber extrusion or rubber profile. In order to make sure our design is the perfect fit, we create a prototype that can be tested in practice. 

More information about rubber extrusions

Contact us for more information about our rubber extrusion (profiles) or our custom made solutions and challenge us with your sealing problems! Please fill out our "ASK ERIKS" form on the right or go to the overview of our worldwide offices to find the ERIKS office near you.  
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