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Elastomer 3D printing

With 3D printing you have a lot of possibilities nowadays. It is also possible to do elastomer 3D printing. 

Elastomer 3D printing on the go

With an in-house 3D printer, ERIKS does it's own elastomer 3D printing. It saves time and has a lot of benefits. We have the possibility to test these models fully and see immediately if the shape is printed correctly or if we need to remodel it. The models have sharp details and an extremely smooth surface. We make sure you get the best quality. We can also make rubber-plastic combinations.

elastomer-3d-printing.jpg Why elastomer 3D printing prototyping

  • Competition in the engineering market
  • Rapid innovation and product introduction is important
  • We offer services that make rapid elastomer
    3D printing possible
  • Models can be made in a few days
  • When shape is incorrect, we can remodel it quickly
  • You save weeks of production and delivery time

Let's start designing your elastomer 3D printing 

When you have no time to lose, fill in the complete form including your drawings and we will start printing you elastomer 3D prototypes right away. 

More information about elastomer 3D printing

Questions or comments about you elastomer 3D printing. You can always contact the nearest ERIKS location, or fill in our "Ask ERIKS" form on this page.
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