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Rubber moulding companies

Within the field of rubber moulding companies, ERIKS is the leading supplier for practically all industries. The company has decades of experience with all types of rubber mouldings. Companies like ERIKS design and develop specific rubber parts, often in close cooperation with the client. We can help you solve any conceivable sealing problem. The possibilities are endless. 

rubber-moulding-companies The process

If necessary it is possible to start the process with a prototype. ERIKS can produce a prototype for you, so that the product can be tested in practice. A 3D printer can make a ‘fit en feel’ example within an hour. Most rubber moulding companies can manufacture products in either very small or very large volumes. 

Rubber moulding companies like ERIKS have their own laboratories where they develop any material required. Examples are cleanness for Semicon applications or special material approvals and compliances for the food or pharmaceutical industries.

ERIKS: Industry leader in rubber mouldings

ERIKS has over 6000 moulds for all kinds of profile types. Over the years we have established a worldwide reputation in the field of rubber moulding companies. Our knowledge of rubber moulds has helped us to become one of the top suppliers of mouldings in for example the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Switzerland and Germany. 

Quick delivery with rubber moulding companies

After you have thoroughly tested and fitted a rubber mould model, we put it into production. The production takes place in-house, so we can assure that your rubber products are delivered within two weeks.

Questions about rubber mouldings?

For more information about our rubber mouldings, please fill out our ‘ASK ERIKS’ form on the right. ERIKS will help you with all your questions.

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