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Rubber Mounts

Machinery, presses and punches perform better with the correct rubber mounts, plates or pads.

  • Anti vibration rubber mounts, plates or pads will lower maintenance costs and increase lifetime and reduce downtime of the machinery.
  • With noise reduction the working environment will be improved, which means better concentrated workers, thus less injuries and mistakes.

ERIKS - cylindrical mounts

Cylindrical antivibration mounts
Antivibration mounts for general low cost and non-complex applications. Over 200 different sizes and types available from stock.


ERIKS - Paulstradyn

Technical antivibration mounts
A complete range which provides a technical solution for reducing noise and vibration transmission and providing shock protection. We offer a fast range of sizes and types matching whatever machinery or equipment. With these products a high quality rubber to metal bonding guarantees a long lifetime.


ERIKS - levelling mounts

Levelling mounts
A machine mounting like for instance Nivofix, is an adjustable equipment foot comprising a circular disc bonded to a protected elastomer base. An adjustment screw is fitted into the assembly. The rubber element has anti-slip ridges to secure optimum grip.


ERIKS - antivibration plates

Antivibration mats
High quality mats, offering a good protection and decreasing the noise level in any workshops environment.


ERIKS - flexible bushes

Flexible antivibration bushes
A flexible bush has an elastomeric element enclosed between a metal inner and outer sleeve. The high quality rubber to metal bonding enables the product to withstand a certain axial load as well.


We are your partner for supplying all possible anti vibration solutions

ERIKS offers both more standard products and custom designed geometries and materials. For the latter we offer you a whole range of engineering and lab services. In our lab we perform for instance high technical tests from “fatigue to failure” to DMTA measurements.

The brands and qualities we supply are a.o. Simrit, Contintental; ContiTech Vibration Control, Freudenberg Schwab Vibration control, Trelleborg Industrial Anti Vibration Systems TIAVS, Paulstra-Vibrachoc, Hutchinson, Novibra, Metalastic.

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