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Lab rubber bellows

Lab rubber bellows for noise solution

Rubber expansion bellows are the solution to thermal expansion, shrinking and/or vibration movements. These circumstances normally result in stresses, which cause unpleasant noise in work environments.

Perfectly fitted lab rubber bellows 

In order to prevent these noises or stresses from occurring, we provide rubber expansion bellows that are perfectly fitted and are suitable for the concerned pressure and temperature limits.

Rubber bellows manufacturers for custom rubber bellows

ERIKS does not only supply rubber bellows from stock, but also creates custom made rubber bellows. Do you need rubber bellows in a special size or material for your application? Let us know. We like your challenge! 

Lab rubber bellows selection

With our advanced knowledge of lab rubber bellows and supply capabilities, we can help you choose the bellows that meet your needs and requirements. In order to select the right expansion bellows we take into account the following parameters:

  1. The piping system
  2. Bellow material: metal, rubber, PTFE or fabric
  3. Bellow type: axial, lateral, angular

On-line lab rubber bellows selector

Since selecting the right rubber expansion bellows is a difficult task, we have developed an on-line bellows selector to support you. All you need to do is enter the diameter and overall length of the bellows you require. We have most of our rubber expansion bellows available in stock. 

Lab rubber bellows: partnership ERIKS and Simrit 

As one of the main rubber bellows suppliers, ERIKS offers a wide range of rubber bellows of high quality brands such as Simrit. ERIKS and Simrit are technical partners. The two rubber bellows suppliers decided to join in a strategic partnership, designed to deliver cost savings to their customers. Since the two rubber bellows suppliers joined forces, ERIKS is the first rubber bellows supplier for complete Simrit V6 bellows line.

More about lab rubber bellows

For more information about our lab rubber bellows, please fill out our "ASK ERIKS" form on the right or contact our office. Go to the overview of our offices to choose the ERIKS office near you.

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