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Elastomer FPM

FKM / FPM / Viton®

The terms FKM, FPM and Viton® are all different designations that stand for the same base material, which is fluoro rubber. FKM is the abbreviation according to the ASTM, FPM is the short form for the fluoroelastomer category according to DIN/ISO and Viton® is the registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

elastomer-fpm Elastomer FPM compounds in stock

ERIKS offers about 2000 standard elastomer FPM sheet compounds in several sizes available from stock, however we invite you to send us your enquiries for the special execution or size you need.

Elastomer FPM compounds with Genuine Viton®

At ERIKS we manufacture most of our standard FPM compounds with Genuine Viton®. There are low-cost fluoroelastomers on the market which are blended with reprocessed scrap materials. These fluoroelastomers might seem like a cheap solution, but the technical properties are inferior compared to 100% fluoroelastomers (Genuine Viton ®).

Characteristics of elastomer FPM

Elastomer FPM is resistant to heat, oil, solvents and strong acids. Elastomer FPM has limited resistance butyl acetate, acetone and methyl alcohol.

Selecting which elastomer FPM compound suits you

We help you find the elastomer FPM compound that best meets your needs in order to achieve maximum performance. Based on the requirements we select the compound that suits your application.

Ask ERIKS about elastomer FPM

Contact us for more information about our elastomer FPM and challenge us with your sealing problems! Please fill out our "ASK ERIKS" form on the right or go to the overview of our worldwide offices to find the ERIKS office near you. 
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