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Silicone moulds UK

ERIKS is a leading company in the field of rubber technology for practically all industries. With offices in several European countries, such as the UK, and North America we serve approximately 200,000 industrial customers (business-to-business), markets a range of more than 680,000 articles and sends out more than five million shipments every year.

silicone-moulds-uk.jpg ERIKS: the silicone moulds specialist

ERIKS has at its disposal more than 6000 moulds for all kinds of profile types made of standard and silicone rubber. Over the years we have established a w
orldwide reputation as a rubber specialist. Our extensive knowledge of silicone rubber (VMQ) and silicone moulds has helped us to become one of the top suppliers of silicone moulds in the UK. Making silicone moulding one of our core activities.

Silicone moulds: limitless possibilities

As the specialist in silicone moulds we develop our own tailor-made silicone moulds. We produce and test these silicone moulds at our in-house material development laboratory. Contact us for more information about our tailor-made silicone moulds. We like your challenge.

ERIKS: the specialist in tailor made silicone moulds

Are you looking for tailor-made silicone moulds? Than you are in the right place. In only a few days we can provide you with a sight and fitting model of the silicone mould you envisioned. You can try the model out, before it even goes into production. Therefore, you are ensured that the model fits perfectly and is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Quick delivery of silicone moulds

After you have thoroughly tested and fitted the silicone moulds model we will put it into production. We produce all our silicone moulds in-house, so we can assure that your rubber products are delivered to you within two weeks.

More about silicone moulds UK

For more information about our (tailor-made) silicone moulds, please fill out our "ASK ERIKS" form on the right. For silicone moulds UK you can contact one of our UK offices. Go to the overview of our UK offices to choose the ERIKS office near to you.
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