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General Workshop Machinery

Article numberMounting type
10040890 TF 250 Request information
10040891 TF 600 Request information
10040892 TF 1200 Request information
10040893 TF 3000 Request information
10040894 TF 4000 Request information
10040895 TF 6000 Request information
10040890 TF 250 S/S 2343 Request information
10040898 TF 600 S/S 2343 Request information
10040897 TF 1200 S/S 2343 Request information

For selecting the right material for damping the vibration or noise of general workshop machinery fill in the weight of the machine and the number of mountings.

The results are shown in a list. By moving your mouse over the article numbers, a picture of the material will be visible.

If you do not get results, use the Ask ERIKS form for assistance.

    • Lathe’s
    • Vertical drilling machines
    • Milling machines
    • Grinding machines
    • Hacksaw machine

    Machinery in your workshop make noise and vibrate. To lower noise and reduce vibrations you need the correct damping material and isolators.

    Use the tool above to determine what rubber mounts are most suitable and select from the presented list the proper rubber mounts, plates or pads for isolation and damping of noise and vibration of your machines.

    Anti vibrations material will improve the working environment and gives below advantages:

    • Machines perform better with the correct rubber mounts, plates or pads. 
    • Anti vibration rubber mounts or pads will lower maintenance costs, increase lifetime and reduce downtime of the machinery. 
    • With noise reduction the working environment will be improved, which means better concentrated workers, thus less injuries and mistakes.

    Anti vibration solutions

    ERIKS is a leading company in the field of rubber technology, designing/developing and supplying rubber parts for practically all industries.
    We are your partner for supplying all possible anti vibration solutions; from more standard products to custom designed geometries and materials. For the latter we offer you a whole range of engineering and lab services.

    Our anti vibration brands and qualities

    The brands and qualities we supply are a.o. Simrit, Contintental; ContiTech Vibration Control, Freudenberg Schwab Vibration control, Trelleborg Industrial Anti Vibration Systems TIAVS, Paulstra-Vibrachoc, Hutchinson, Novibra, Metalastic.

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