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Rubber Mouldings

ERIKS Rubbertechnology - mouldings
Our decades of experience with rubber mouldings makes ERIKS capable of designing and developing specific rubber parts, often in close cooperation with the customer.  Rubber mouldings that help you solve any sealing problem in the world. The possibilities are boundless.

Prototyping of rubber mouldings

Where required, a rubber prototype can be made so that the product can be tested in practice. It could first start with producing A 3D-printed “fit & feel” sample within hours. Production of the rubber moulded equivalent can be produced also on very short notice in one of the prototype production cells at ERIKS. The eventual definitive rubber product can be supplied in very small to very large series. In our own laboratories we develop any material required, whether that is on cleanness for Semicon applications or special material approvals and compliances for food or pharmaceutical  industries, to name a few.

Moulding process of rubber

The moulding of rubber and elastomeric compounds is accomplished by forcing the uncured material into a shape using heat and pressure. Rubber and elastomers can be moulded by compression, transfer and injection methods. The volume of parts and type of rubber compounds required will determine the moulding method used. Our engineers participate with you in developing innovative solutions for the production of your rubber moulded parts.

Innovative solutions for custom parts in rubber

ERIKS designs and develops innovative solutions for non-standard custom moulded rubber parts.  Our in-house CAD/CAM and FEA analysis capabilities and quality systems guarantee an individual approach. With our optimized supply chains we offer fast delivery, competitive prices and engineering support. Besides this ERIKS offers a large assortment of more standard rubber products like grommets, bellows, plugs & caps and rubber balls.

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