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Cellular Rubber

Cellular rubbers are porous rubber qualities with all-round closed cells. They are manufactured in accordance with the expansion process using gas-developing agents. The cellular structure distinguishes cellular rubber (left picture) from sponge rubber skin/skin (right picture), which contains partly opened cells, and sponge rubber, consisting of completely opened cells. Thus cellular rubber in contrast to sponge rubber skin/skin does not require an outer skin in order to use it as a gasket or lining.

Cellular rubber
Cellular rubber (closed cells)
sponge rubber skin skin
Sponge rubber skin/skin (open cells)

Cell structures of cellular rubber and sponge rubber skin/skin (enlarged figures)

Cellular ruber is employed in the automotive industry as well as in the space industry, sanitary technique or ventilating and air conditioning fields. In all these fields it is used for sealing, isolating, confinement, and shock absorbtion. Particularly, flat sealings can be fabricated at a low cost by splitting and die-cutting

Since cellular rubber is usually filled with soot, it appears black. However, our program also supplies coloured types. They are manufactured by using bright fillers and appropriate pigments

Manufacturing processes and forms available

Cellular rubber blocks

Cellular rubber blocks

Cellular rubber is manufactured in block forms with a closed outer skin.
Splitting machines

Splitting machine

The blocks are split into plates according to custom specifications or alternatively first glued to webs and then processed to reeled ware.


Material thickness is constantly tested during the splitting process. Depending upon the specifications, further parameters such as tension and strain are measured parallel by our quality assurance.


Versions with adhesive backing or with e.g. textile laminates are possible.
Die cuts

Die cuts

Furthermore, depending upon the application needs, cut-to-size parts, strips, die-cuts, turned parts, etc. are prefabricated.

End products

Analogous to our sponge rubber skin/skin products we supply numerous rubber types ( chloroprene, EPDM, nitrile and cellular rubber ) in various compressing stiffness strengths in our product program.

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