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Automotive Industry

automotive industry


The demands for the automotive industry are very typical and depend on the application (motor - cooling or heating systems - fuel systems, etc). ERIKS has some VW (BMW/Daimler Chrysler) compounds. Ask our engineers for specific details.

Automotive Industry Applications
BMW N602.00.0Daimler Chrysler DBL 6038.xxVolkswagen VW 2.8.1-xx
ACM 33500105 HNBR 886001 (green) HNBR 886004 (red-brown)A70 NBR 366005
 06 HNBR 886012 (green)C70 NBR 366006
 10 EPDM 559016E75 FKM 514012
 15 EPDM 559017G60 EPDM 559018
 20 ACM 335001G70 EPDM 559013
 40 FKM 514005R134 HNBR 886008 (green)

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