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Rubber extrusions and mouldings

At ERIKS we develop innovative solutions in custom rubber extrusions and mouldings with endless designing possibilities.

Stock vs. custom made rubber extrusions and mouldings

We have a large range of rubber extrusions and mouldings available in stock. However, the advantage of our custom made rubber extrusions and mouldings is that we can select the compound and hardness that suit your requirements perfectly. In our laboratories we develop any material that is required for your application. For example, we can develop materials that are suitable for food or pharmaceutical industries or Semicon applications that require special materials.

rubber-extrusion-and-mouldings Prototypes of rubber extrusions and mouldings

We create can fit & feel rubber prototypes of the rubber extrusions and mouldings within a few days thanks to our rapid prototyping technology. This model can be used to fit into the application. When the model fits perfectly we produce the rubber moulded equivalent in one of our prototype production cells. 

Advantages of rapid prototyping

In the past it costed between € 300 and € 1000 to create a rubber moulding prototype. Which would be delivered to your in over 4 weeks. When the design had to be adjusted this was a costly measure. Rapid technology is therefore a welcome solution that saves weeks of production and delivery time.

Quantity of custom made rubber extrusions and mouldings

We supply our custom made rubber extrusions and mouldings to your specifications in both small prototype batches to large production quantities. The parts can be produced in a large selection of performances and compounds that suit your application.

Contact us about custom rubber extrusions and mouldings 

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