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Anti vibration mounts

ERIKS is a worldwide leading supplier of commercial (types: A,B,C,D and E) and industrial anti vibration mounts.

Why do you need anti vibration mounts?

In most industries there is a lot of friction and moving parts. To prevent failure of machinery, there is a need to control vibrations. The moving parts of a machines are broken down more easily when vibrations excess the parts. This can create noise and cause the machine to fail.

Machinery where anti vibration mounts are used

  • compressors
  • internal combustion engines
  • generator sets
  • switch boxes
  • pumps
  • centrifuges 
  • instrument panels
  • control cabins

Use of rubber vibration mounts

Anti vibration mounts absorb the energy and isolates the vibration by releasing the energy in a different format. Due to these excelling damping qualities, the anti vibration mount is often used to dissipate vibrations generated in electronic equipment and machines.

Let us help you find the right anti vibration mounts 

Once you've filled out the numbers you will find the right anti vibration mounts for your application. Does the anti vibration mounts selector not show any results? Please ask us for assistance. We'll help you find the anti vibration mounts you're looking for.

More about our anti vibration mounts

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