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Viton oil seal specification

Viton: rubber and fluoropolymer specialist

Viton is a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer used in O-rings, seals and other moulded products. Genuine Viton® is manufactured from 100% pure fluoroelastomers and is certified with the Viton® certificate.

ERIKS: the best Viton seal specification

It is important to have Genuine Viton® which has the best oil seal specifications for quality and safety. For more than 20 years, ERIKS is a licensed distributor for Genuine Viton®. Today's industries operate under extreme conditions. Quality assurance for the best materials is a musthave.

ERIKS oil seals

We have 2000 standard, ISO 6194-1 sizes available from stock. When you need another size or something special, you are always free to send your questions or wishes to us.

viton-oil-seal-specification Specification test for Viton oil seal

ERIKS Viton oil seals performed very well in tests in the influence of several environments (like heat/cold resistance, compression and fuel)  on:

  • hardness
  • tensile strength
  • special gravity
  • elongation
  • tear strength
  • compression set

Viton oil seal specification: heat resistance

Viton seals are well known for excellent heat resistance. ERIKS has tested the heat resistance at 250°C for 70 hours with perfect results.

Rubber seals prototypes

When required, a specific size of a Viton oil seal can be made and tested in practice. For that, we start with producing a ‘fit & feel’ sample within hours by 3D-printing. Production can start at very short notice. We develop any material required in our own laboratories. 

More about Viton seal specification

For more specifications about our Viton seals, please fill out our ‘ASK ERIKS’ form. If you want to buy Viton oil seals, contact us. You can find your nearest ERIKS office on our website.

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