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Rubber 3d printing

What can you do with rubber 3D printing?

With all innovations in the engineering and manufacturing markets, rubber 3D printing is a great addition for product introductions. The possibilities for rubber 3D printing are endless. With our own in-house 3D printer, ERIKS can deliver prototypes within a few days.

Why rubber 3D printing by ERIKS? 

  • Models can be produced in just a few days;
  • 3D printing saves production- and delivery time;
  • You receive a so-called 'fit-and-feel' test model;
  • Sharper details;
  • Developing combinations of rubber and plastic;
  • Extremely smooth surfaces;
  • Quick delivery.

How to start with rubber 3D printing models

Together we co-engineer a design that fits your needs. Then we make sure that this design is ready to head off to the 3D printing machine. Use our expertise and let us create your rubber prototypes for you. You can also deliver a design yourself and we'll go right ahead and print it. 

Let us design your rubber 3D printing model

For a quick start, let ERIKS design your rubber 3D printing model right away! You can complete the form and upload a drawing in a .stp or .stl file (when you deliver it in another form, ERIKS will convert it for you). We can also help you with your drawings and make a 3D drawing to your specifications. 

More information about 3D printed rubber

For more information about 3D printed rubber, fill out the ‘Ask ERIKS’ form on the right. Or contact your nearest ERIKS location. 

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