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Sponge Rubber

Rubbertechnology - Sponge rubber

Formed parts, plates, round cords, profiles

  • CR - chloroprene-rubber

    • high flame resistance
    • good resistance against ozon
    • weather
    • chemicals and aging.
  • EPDM - ethylene-propylene-diene-rubber:

    • High resistance against aging and ozon
    • good heat and chemical resistance
  • Silicone

    • High resistance against aging and ozone
    • good heat and chemical resistance matching abilities of sponge rubber
  • FPM - Fluorine rubber:

    • very high heat and chemical resistance
    • high flamming resistance as well as a ging and chemical resistance
  • NBR - acrylonitrile-butadiene-rubber:

    • good resistance against benzine
    • mineral ol and lubricants
  • NR - natural rubber:

    • high elasticity
    • good cold characteristics and the tuning of very special properties

Sealing tightness sponge rubber 1

Our formed sponge-rubber-skin/skin profiles and sponge-rubber-skin/skin round cords possess a high pressure elasticity, combined with an especially high return capability. Even under light pressure the profile immediately snugly fits itself against the surrounding walls and seals them. Our sponge-rubber-skin/skin profiles are made of especially sensitive compositions.


From the course of pressure development in sponge rubber skin/skin results the demand for soft profiles for light closing pressures and harder profiles for heavy pressures. Through adequate mixtures and changes of the specific weight (density) we influence the plasticity of the sponge rubber skin/skin profiles. The standard plasticity we produce is the normal sponge rubber skin/skin quality HE/NR. Solid qualities are manufactured upon request.


Unvulcanized raw materialsAll sponge rubber skin/skin profiles possess a thick outer skin. They are fine porous inside. The unvulcanized raw material contains in its mixture of india-rubber and chemicals, amoung other things, a gas-developing agent. The raw materials, which are smaller than the finished profile, are placed in appropriate metal forms. During vulcanization, the gas-developing agents blow up the raw material, until the hollow spaces of the forms are completely filled out. The now porous rubber takes its lasting form from the confining walls. A smooth and soft, but waterproof skin, forms itself through pressure with the contact surface of the forming walls. The smooth surface of this skin is very appealing e.g. in door sealings and other visual sealings. The thick, closed outer skin also prevents unwanting sticking on the ground surface. The porousness inside remains, important for the plasticity and thus characteristic of sponge rubber skin/skin.

Forming examples from our abundant programme

Sponge rubber skin/skin profiles are produced in different cross-sections by using adequate forming materials, - mostly metal plates with milled form notches or profile pipes with the desired cross-section -. The use of metal plates for the vulcanization of sponge rubber skin/skin profiles guarantees sharpe-edged, dimensionally accurate profiles with small tolerances according to DIN 7715 (medium-raw). In contrast to this, the so-called freely heated profiles, which are produced without forms, possess a dense surface, but with no skin. Although these profiles are produced with advanced productions techniques, they do not confirm to the requirements of dimensional accuracy. The sturdy form surface of formed profiles offers a desired resistance against abrasion and wear. These profiles are, even in the NR quality, more resistant to aging.


The quality of the sponge rubber skin/skin profiles produced is also varified to specifications. HE/NR-qualities are highly elastic and sufficiently aging resistant. For high resistance to oil and benzine, as well as better heat resistance, we offer the HE/CR quality on the basis of chloroprene. The quality HE/EPR is especially produced to offer high resistance to ozon and weather. Besides that, a acrylonitrile quality HE/NBR meets the needs of requirements regarding mineral oils and some hydrogen carbons. So-called food supply qualities and sea-water resistant types are also offered.

Self-sticking types

Many assembly tasks require self-sealing films. For ease in assembly, we supply sponge rubber skin/skin profiles with a self-sealing film on one or both sides.

Lengths - Frames - Rings

Sponge rubber skin/skin profiles are delivered in specifed lengths - in oils rings or bundles -. The lengths delivered are usually 25 m, thick profiles appropriately less. In addition, we supply sponge rubber skin/skin profiles in every desired length, ready for installation, even in the smallest sections. Larger rings and square frames are accurately and durably glued by us out of sponge rubber skin/skin round cords or profiles. This is an approved, low-cost and worth-the-money solution for sealing large openings in castings, tanks, and soforth.

Ship hatch profiles
Ship hatch profiles
Ship hatch profiles1
Ship hatch profiles

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