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Rubber extrusions suppliers

If you are looking for rubber extrusions suppliers, ERIKS is right company for you.

Why is ERIKS one of the best rubber extrusions suppliers?

ERIKS is one of the best rubber extrusions suppliers because of their wide range of products. ERIKS supplies rubber extrusions for all kinds of industries. 
The list of products which ERIKS currently manufactures is enormous. Products for different conditions and machinery, such as: 
  • Seals for windows and doors
  • Seals and damping elements for vehicles,  appliances, fridges, containers, ships, aircrafts 
  • Lots more.

rubber-extrusions-suppliers Prototyping at ERIKS 

There is nothing we can’t do at ERIKS. That’s why testing your prototype for a very small or a very large number of extrusion profiles is not a problem for us. This prototyping can be done within an hour, thanks to our 3D-printing technology. 

Custom production at rubber extrusions suppliers

One of ERIKS’ specialties is producing custom products. According to your prototype we can start producing your product in every form, shape, production volume, size and for every purpose. 

What sort of products do rubber extrusions suppliers produce?

As said, the variety in products is very large. At ERIKS, we produce rubber products such as:
  • O-Rings (for every industrial application)
  • Seals (dynamic and mechanical)
  • Inflatable seals (the most effective way of sealing) 
  • Anti vibration mounts (will increase the lifetime of your machinery)
  • Bellows (which one do I need?)

Is ERIKS only active in the rubber extrusions suppliers branche?

The answer is no, ERIKS is active in many other branches. ERIKS’ product ranges can be divided into five categories:
  • Sealing technology
  • Power transmission, including electromechanical services and condition monitoring
  • Flow technology
  • Industrial plastics
  • Tools and maintenance products

Want to learn more about the (endless) possibilities?

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