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Rapid Prototyping Services


In the engineering market, rapid innovation and product introduction is getting ever more important.  After all, rapid introduction of new innovations gives you a competitive edge. Shorter development times also reduce the time to break-even. Rapid Prototyping makes this possible. ERIKS offers various services that drastically reduce the development time of rubber products.

Using Rapid Prototyping, models can be produced from rubber-like materials and plastics in just a few days, saving weeks of production and delivery time.

Because of its expertise in rubber technology, engineers often involve ERIKS in new product development. In the past, the first step was investing in a test mould. That would cost anywhere between € 300 and € 1000, and the delivery time was 4 to 6 weeks. If the design had to be changed, you had to go through the same process again.

    Rapid Prototyping Services

    In order to test the product in practice, the designed product must be manufactured in the selected or developed rubber material.

    ERIKS offers rubber product development at several sites in Europe as well as in the USA. We have a range of rubber processing machines (mixers, mixing rollers, extruders, presses and ovens), which next to new technology development are also used to produce prototypes. With in-house mould design and manufacture, it takes us only a few days to make a mould, enabling us to deliver rubber products within two weeks.

    If the product must be made from a untested high-performance or special feature material, one of our rubber development centers will develop a material and possibly mix it.


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