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Kalrez ®: the nr. 1 seal for extreme service

Kalrez ® seals can be used in virtually any chemical media. Due to their a unique chemical structure, Kalrez ® seals can be exposed to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures (up to 326°C/620°F).

Service temperature range up to 327°C

Kalrez ® retains its elasticity and recovery properties better after being exposed to high temperatures (up to 327°C/620°F), in comparison to other elastomers. In addition to its outstanding chemical resistance, Kalrez ® parts are able to withstand an extremely wide range of process media. There is no other rubber sealing material which can perform this well for such extended periods in such aggressive environments.

Kalrez ® vs. PFTE

Kalrez ® parts match the chemical resistance and high temperature stability of PFTE, while adding the resilient, no-creep properties of a true rubber.

The advantages of Kalrez ® parts

  • Kalrez ® parts last longer and perform better than other elastomers
  • Reduces the risks of seal failure
  • Icreases safety
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Resistant to more than 1800 chemicals
  • Retains its sealing force longer than other elastomers

Application of Kalrez ® parts

Kalrez ® parts are known to be safe seals for any environment. They are therefore used in several applications, such as:
  1. Chemical processing and petroleum refining
  2. Analytical and process instruments
  3. Semiconductor manufacturing operations
  4. Energy production
  5. Aircraft and aerospace industries

Questions about Kalrez ®?

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