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Coated rubber parts

rubbertechnology - coated rubber parts

Rubber parts tend to stick to each other or to metal parts, causing problems while assembling or causing stick-slip when starting up the application. To avoid both problems, there is RX® SurfaPlus! The most important advantages are the following:

  • reducing friction, up to 70% (depending on the type of coating)
  • longer life
  • no stick-slip
  • no sticking of parts
  • less force acquired for assembling
  • stretch up to 150% possible without damaging the coating
  • applicable on all types of rubber
  • FDA-approved
  • Many colours possible
Survey of most important Grades
ERIKS nameThicknessapplications
PTFE SP 101055 mulight applications, easy mounting
PTFE SP 1002020 mueasy mounting, improved chemical resistance
strong coating, grey, other colours available
Polysiloxan SP306055 mueasy mounting, mainly for o-rings
very smooth surface
Plasma SP 2400nvtcleaning of rubberproducts
FKM SP 8305050 muimproved chemical resistance

MOS2 SP 405055 mueasy mounting, mainly for o-ringspowdercoating

These RX® SurfaPlus! coatings are also applied in the varnishing areas of the automobile industry, and are deliverable "labsfrei" according to VW-norm. RX® SurfaPlus! coatings are applicable on O-rings, oil seals and all type of rubber parts, in varied thickness, specialties and colours.

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