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Semiconductor Application

One of ERIKS USAs most significant semiconductor customer recently discovered that the maintenance costs of a particular CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process tool had risen to unacceptable levels. Their equipment engineers and technicians asked ERIKS for assistance in determining alternative solutions. The existing seals had been specified by the OEM and were considered to be the best option at the time. We presented alternatives to our customer for consideration - which included performance data specifically adapted to the application. By addressing the unique characteristics of seal performance in this aggressive plasma and thermal environment, we provided the customer with the confidence to move forward.

Semiconductor Application Producer Large

Semiconductor Application Producer

To make a long story short, the customer converted from the existing seals to KALREZ® in this application. Because of the improved cost and performance position, the customer was able to save over $500,000 each year in maintenance costs! Additionally, the customer engineering team heading this effort received a corporate award for their insight and activities. ERIKS demonstrated truly value-added service in replacing the existing seals for this customer.

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