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Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

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International Polar Foundation

The Princess Elisabeth research base is being built on a rocky ledge at the foot of the Sor Rondane Mountains in East Antarctica Its revolutionary design will ensure that it produces no carbon emissions.

Seek and creation of a joint for all openings having to resist to polar wind and temperatures. The interior is in overpressure. Specifications were relatively simple,

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures until -50°C
  • Creation of 3 successive insulation closed chamber
  • To be tight with winds of 220km/h
  • To be not adherent to ice
  • Easily replaceable

Our role in this business, in collaboration with the engineering department was initially to determine the possible profile and the correct quality of rubber profile while determining together the design of the grooves and the volume repartition in which it was to be placed.

Drawing let you see the 3 chambers of the silicone profile extruded with a very low tolerance in order to reduce adherence.

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